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KTabS was created by Randall Eaton, who lives with his wife, Sharon, in the mountains of Southern California.

Sharon is a former middle school teacher who has always enjoyed musical instruments. She played her kalimbas by ear for years, until she realized that Mark Holdaway had invented a unique tablature system for reading and writing kalimba music. Sharon was eager to try writing down some songs, but she wanted to use a computer program instead of hand writing music on paper.

Randall has been a computer programmer for over twenty years. When his wife told him the kalimba program she needed didn't exist, Randall set to work creating Kalimba Tablature Software.

KTabS is now the only software of its kind and is revolutionizing the way kalimba players create and share music.

We hope you enjoy KTabS, and we welcome your feedback about our website and our Kalimba Tablature Software.

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