Version History

KTabS Version 1.0.14 Released: July 19, 2010
New: KTabS For the Music Box.

KTabS Version 1.0.13 Released: April 23, 2009
New: The KTabS Reader is now FREE.

Fixed: Bug where 16th note triplets caused program to always ask to save on close even if no changes were made.

KTabS Version 1.0.12 Released: June 6, 2008
Fixed: Work around for IE bug that wasn't allowing people to open files downloaded with IE.
Fixed: Don't allow "Load Template" except for new files.

KTabS Version 1.0.11 Released: May 26, 2007
Fixed: Bug where time signature changes broke some beams

Added: Lyrics

KTabS Version 1.0.10 Released: April 9, 2007
Fixed: Bug where registering the software was case sensitive.

Added: When opening a KTabS file you can select more than one file at a time to open.
Added: Link to our online documentation from the "Help" menu in KTabS.

KTabS Version 1.0.9 Released: January 23, 2007
Fixed: Bug where triplets were not drawing correctly
Fixed: Bug where deleting timing sometimes crashed the program
Fixed: Bug where triplet timing was not calculating correctly in some cases
Fixed: Bug where v-shaped tines icon only responds after two clicks

Added: When playing scrolls 10 rows ahead

KTabS Version 1.0.8 Released: October 14, 2006
Fixed: Bug in Kalimba Configuration screen playing Midi
Fixed: Bug where tempo was not correct if you started playing after a tempo change
Fixed: Bug where cut then Undo wasn't working right

Added: Option for printing headers/footers in the Kalima Configuration screen
Added: Play Delay (Thanks to 'lizabeth' for the suggestion)

KTabS Version 1.0.7 Released: October 5, 2006
Fixed: Bug that didn't break beams in some instances
Fixed: Repeat count displayed on top of center line

Changed: Author Info is viewable in read-only files

Added: MIDI Configuration
Click here to read more about this new feature.

KTabS Version 1.0.6 Released: September 7, 2006
Fixed: Bug in rest drawing

Changed: Tile Windows will tile vertically instead of horizontally

Added: Tie multiple windows together so you can play duets etc.
Added: Reader Only version of the software

KTabS Version 1.0.5 Released: August 29, 2006
Fixed: Measure Numbers were to close to tines

Changed: Read Only files will no longer save or print
Changed: Printing is now faster and more memory efficient
Thanks to KalimbaMagic for continued feedback on the printing issues

KTabS Version 1.0.4 Released: August 18, 2006
Fixed: Disabled several menu items if ReadOnly is set
Fixed: If 1st bar is repeat it should always print
Fixed: Better resolution printing
Fixed: Sometimes image would print into the title
Fixed: Bug with repeat drawing at breaks in printing

Changed: Edit/Print configurations are now both displayed instead of using a mode selector

Changed: Drawing of rests instead of using bitmaps so they scale with everything else

Changed: Rules for triplets. Any 3 notes can be combined to be a triplet and will play in 2/3 their normal time. Also allowed triplets to span a bar line

Added: Scale Factor on config screen for scaling of edit view and printing

KTabS Version 1.0.3 Released: August 9, 2006
Fixed: Only owner can mark ReadOnly or OwnerOnly
Fixed: Select scrolling sometimes crashed the program on WinXP
Fixed: Random crashes
Thanks to KalimbaMagic for reporting the crashing issues

KTabS Version 1.0.2 Released: August 7, 2006
Fixed: Template creator credentials were being copied to "New" documents

KTabS Version 1.0.1 Released: August 6, 2006
Fixed: Selecting the final barline was not allowing mouse to move back
Fixed: Cutting tied notes did not break the tie
Fixed: "Mystery Note" if clicking 1 pixel to right of last tine
Fixed: Registration to force UPPER CASE of reg code
Fixed: Spacing after open repeat
Fixed: Cutting beamed notes did not break the beams
Fixed: No longer allows cut of first or last bar lines

Added: Sharp/Flat option on Kalimba Configuration window
Added: Mouse scrolls during select
Added: Page up and Page Down

KTabS Version 1.0.0 Released: July 14, 2006

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