Configuring Midi

KTabS plays sound using midi. While there is no midi voice that exactly matches a kalimba (not even the "kalimba" midi instrument), we think the "Celesta" instrument is the best approximation. This is number 9 on the list of standard midi instruments.

You may prefer a different sound for your KTabS program, so we now have a way for you to choose the midi insrument that KTabS plays.

You can also change which midi device KTabS will use, if you have more than one midi device on your computer.

To make a change to the midi setup, click the "Midi" icon on the top toolbar. A "Midi Configuration" window will appear.

Changing the Midi Device

Use the dropdown box labeled "Midi Device" to change which of your available midi devices KTabS will use.

Changing the Midi Instrument

Use the dropdown box labeled "Midi Instrument" to select the sound that KTabS will play. The default sound for KTabS is instrument number 9 - Celesta. You may prefer a different sound on your computer

Some popular KTabS midi instruments are:
11 - Music Box
12 - Vibraphone
13 - Marimba
109 - Kalimba

(Note: Not all midi instruments are compatible with KTabS. A kalimba does not have a definite end to a note (the sound trails off) and this is how KTabS plays the notes. Many midi instruments need the note to stop in order to play properly, so they will make an unpleasant sound when used with KTabS. However, the midi instruments that best approximate a kalimba are compatible with KTabS.)

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