Q: Can I change the KTabS default note to something different than a quarter note?

A: The default note for a note row is always a quarter note. Any time you enter a note on a new note row, a quarter note will appear. You can then change the value of that note using the Note Bar.

You can change the value of a group of notes or blank note rows all at once by selecting them and then clicking a different note on the Note Bar.

Example: You are going to be entering a series of eighth notes and don't want to have to change the value of each note individually as you enter it. Select all the blank rows of tablature and then select the "Eighth Note" icon on the Note Bar to change the value of all the rows to an eighth note.

Q: I changed the tine width and the note spacing for my tablature, but when I print it doesn't look like the changes really took effect. Why not?

A: The "Drawing Mode" box on the "Kalimba Configuration" window has to be set to "Print" before the changes you make to Music Setup will affect the printing. You do not see the changes you make to "Print" mode take affect until you look at "Print Preview" or print out your music. This feature is designed to allow you to have the tablature look one way on the screen, but print out differently if you choose.

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