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The diagram below shows the two toolbars used in KTabS.  Also shown are the basic components of the blank KTabS kalimba tablature.  Below the diagram are charts explaining the functions of all the KTabS icons.

A - Top Toolbar
B - Note Bar
C - Center Line

D - Measure Number
E - Tine Labels
F - V Shaped Tines

Top Toolbar

Top Toolbar Icon



opens the "Kalimba Configuration" window ; allows you to create a new kalimba configuration or load a saved template that can then be used to create music


opens a saved music file


saves your KTabS music

Save to BMP

saves current music file as a bitmap image


allows KTabS files to be printed out as sheet music


opens up the "Kalimba Configuration" window so you can configure the current music file

Author Info allows you to view or add author, title, and copywrite info to your music file


tells about the current version of KTabS


removes one or more selected rows


makes a copy of one or more selected rows


inserts copied or cut rows above the selected row


erases the last operation performed


(currently this icon has no function)

Play Delay if you enter a number of seconds in the box, KTabS will wait that amount of time after you press the play button before beginning playback


plays back the music, starting from the selected row


stops the playback of the music


selects the first row of music


selects the last row of music

Tie All Views causes all open windows to be synchronized so that an action performed on one applies to all windows (useful when playing more than one file at the same time)
Tile Windows arranges all open windows so they can be viewed side by side
Midi allows you to select the midi device and midi instrument for sound playback


turns off or on the sounds of the notes as you enter notes and select rows

Tine Labels

turns on or off the row of letters at the bottom of the tablature which describe which notes are played by each tine (labeled "E" in above picture)

Measure Numbers

turns on or off the measure numbers along the right side of the tablature (labeled "D" in above picture)


If you have entered lyrics, this button will toggle between showing the lyrics and hiding them. (Note: This feature was added later and this button is not shown on the above toolbar, but does appear in the KTabS program.)

V Shaped Tines

turns on or off the bottom section of tablature that shows the V shape of the tines (labeled "F" in picture) 

Center Line

turns on or off the black center line (labeled "C" in above picture) that divides the tines into left and right sides


when one or more note rows are selected, opens the "Transpose" window; allows you to transpose your notes by the desired number of semitones

Note Bar - used for editing notes and rests

Note Bar Icon


Click to Drag

double click the bar at the top of the Note Bar to change the toolbar's orientation; it will then be draggable

double click the blue area of the Note Bar and it will return to its original position

Whole Note

in 4/4 time, lasts 4 beats

Half Note

in 4/4 time, lasts 2 beats

Quarter Note

in 4/4 time, lasts 1 beat

Eighth Note

in 4/4 time, lasts 1/8th of a beat

Sixteenth Note

in 4/4 time, lasts 1/16th of a beat

Thirty-Second Note

in 4/4 time, lasts 1/32nd of a beat

Sixty-Fourth Note

in 4/4 time, lasts 1/64th of a beat

Dotted Note

increases the duration of a note by an additional half of its value

Double Dot

increases the duration of a note by an additional half of its value, plus an additional half of that half


joins two adjacent notes together, so they are played as one note for their combined duration

Triplet (a type of Tuplet)

can be used to join three adjacent rows of notes together as a triplet; after becoming a triplet their duration will be 2/3 of their original duration


when more than one adjacent notes with stem flags are selected, "Beam" will join their stems together.


signals the performer to hold the note or rest for a duration of their choosing; in playback KTabS will play the note for its assigned duration


a stop in the music for a time specified by the type of rest; this is how each type of rest is displayed in the program:

  whole rest
  half rest
  quarter rest
  eighth rest
  sixteenth rest
  thirty-second rest
  sixty-fourth rest

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