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The KTabS Reader is our FREE software that gives you a simple way to view and play music created with the KTabS program.

Use the Reader to: The KTabS Reader is an easy way to view music created just for the kalimba. When you open a file with the Reader, you are looking at sheet music for a kalimba song. You can play the song on your kalimba while reading the music on your computer screen. Or, press the play button and let KTabS play the music for you.

With the KTabs Reader you can stop and start the music playback at any point, and play the music over and over again as you are learning it.

The Reader will play more than one file simultaneously, which means you can hear a kalimba duet played right on your computer! Check out our online KTabS Reader Guide for the basics on how to use the Reader.

If you want to do more than play KTabS music, take a look at the incredible features available in the full version of KTabS.

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