Kalimba Duets and Trios

Mark Holdaway's has written a book called Kalimba Duets and Trios, and it is awesome! It has a great variety of music for all types of kalimbas.

You can download the KTabS files that go along with Mark's Duet book FOR FREE from your MyKTabS page. KTabS will play all the parts of the kalimba duet or trio on your computer and scroll through the music as it is playing. It is a fantastic way to hear the piece as a whole and get a feel for the music. And playing along with KTabS is a great way to practice-- you play your part and KTabS will play the rest.

Here's how to get free kalimba Duets:

1) Register on our site

2) Download the KTabS Reader for FREE


2) Download a free 15 day trial of the full KTabS software, which will also let you create your own kalimba music (only $30 to purchase later)

3) Download the Duets KPack from your MyKTabS page, which you will gain access to after you have registered or logged in to our website. There is a "KPacks" section on the MyKTabS page that has the Duets KPack, as well as other wonderful kalimba music available for free download. Just click on the title of a KPack to install it on your computer.

For tips on how to use KTabS to play the music you've downloaded, click here.

To purchase the book version of Kalimba Duests and Trios, visit KalimbaMagic.com

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